Robin Beck - Love is Coming

Robin Beck Love is Coming cover
Robin Beck
Love is Coming
Frontiers Music Srl
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It would be easy to dismiss Robin Beck as a one hit wonder, as the know it all purveyors of “classic rock” do labeling her “that coca cola song”-chick… but that would be also overlooking that she did top the charts on both sides of the Atlantic and while she never quite repeated that, she’s released some eleven albums in her career, always maintaining a certain level of quality, which all enjoyed wide acclaim by both the press and the fans, managed to raise a family without drama and still sounds almost as good as she did when she started.
As usual husband James Christian (House Of Lords singer/Robin Beck Bassist) and Cliff Magness are responsible for the production and here Robin seems to have gone for a slightly more contemporary sound in places, without breaking too far away from the melodic soft rock style for which she’s known.
While opener “Island” doesn’t sound 100 % convincing, with its mid-tempo melodies and uncertain footing that’s only reinforced sufficiently by the chorus, as soon as “On the Bright Side” begins, things fall into place completely, with verses boiling up anticipation that completely is rewarded by a brilliant towering bridge-chorus in one of the better songs Robin has sung in a while. Positively anthemic.
“In These Eyes” treads Bonnie Tyler ballad territory, without feeling as a cheap copy. It’s an epic power ballad that simply works to great effect.
The title track, “Love is Coming”, is a hard rocking mid-tempo with overflowing attitude and some nice guitar licks over some bluesy rock singin… great stuff.
“Me Just Being Me” is a kind of relative stinker, too much of a Swania Twain vibe (country/pop) going on, without quite the hook being there. It’s not terrible, but it just doesn’t feel like it belongs with the rest of the songs on here.
“On to Something” largely keeps going through the motions, but does so painlessly, gliding gracefully between melodic rock and commercial radio friendly contemporary “rock”.
“Lost” tries to dial up the drama, with quite impressive dynamics going on in its rather short duration, but fails to keep things “hot” as being stuck in mid-tempo, with song that “almost” hit the spot can get boring rather fast. Thankfully the chorus here manages to keep the song afloat.
“Crave the Touch” is a little bizarre, since it’s pretty smooth and rather “dark”/sinister sounding for a “Beck” tune, but manages to sound quite sexy, both during most of the verses, but also the chorus with some sweet guitar licks on display as well.
“If You Only Knew” is a tender ballad, which probably goes a bit off the deep end, with some over the top performance moments that feel a bit over “sung”, but not to the point where it becomes “annoying”.
“Here I Am” is anthemic and despite being mid-tempo manages to pace itself nicely, avoiding the usual pitfalls of being and becoming boring after a while, by progressing in a measured manner.
“Girl Like Me” mixes some cool guitar riffs with some flashy keys in something that half sounds like flashy 80s Aerosmith in the verses and half of the chorus. Cool beans.
Last but not least, “Warrior” seems to be taking some vocal production cues from both Kate Bush, but largely also Kate Perry (some of those weird vocal acrobatics reminded me of a couple of numbers by the American Pop sensation – think of a far more melancholic “Roar” like vocal, but with some far more impressive vocal slides in the phrasing) that stand out quite a bit.
I can’t really look past the fact that the album loses a bit of dynamic after the first few tracks and then it sort of becomes hit and miss later, but the overall sum of songs adds a few more “excellent” tunes to Robin’s catalog and displays great maturity in terms of both composition, as well as performance, more than a few times. It will easily please longtime fans and might even seduce the casual listener on the strength of its “singles” material.

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