Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble - In the Nick of Time - Live 2003

Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble - In the Nick of Time - Live 2003 cover
Rick Wakeman
In the Nick of Time - Live 2003
Gonzo Multimedia
Rick Wakeman (ex-Yes) releases his latest work, which is a live album that was recorded in 2003 during the tour to promote the back then current studio album “Out There”. The album is entitled “In the Nick of Time” because just a few hours before the first concert the vocalist decided to step down and the first show turned into an instrumental concert! Luckily, his old time buddies from the New English Rock Ensemble band (Ashley Holt on vocals, Ant Glynne on guitars, Lee Pomeroy on bass & Tony Fernandez on drums)… stepped in at the last minute and the tour was saved.
The album contains 7 songs taken from Rick’s several solo works… except for the last one “Wurm”, which is originally found on “The Yes” album as part of “Starship Trooper” track. The other 6 songs are: “Catherine Parr/Beware Your Enemies” from the album “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” in 1973, which is one of Rick’s best albums of all time and essential for lovers of prog/art rock 70s music… “Out There” from the homonymous album in 2003, “No Earthly Connection” (actually the tracks “The Spaceman” & “The Realisation”) from the self-titled album in 1976, “Dance Of A Thousand Lights” from “Return to the Centre of the Earth” in 2009, “The Cathedral In The Sky” from “Out There” in 2003 & “White Rock” from the homonymous album in 1977.
You will hear some truly great performances here by all the musicians… moreover, the sound of the album is clear & alive thing making you part of the concert. The album was engineered and mixed by Erik Jordan at Nursery Road Studios in Huntingdon. This is one of those live releases… that will force you to say… “I wish I had been there”… Undoubtedly, “In the Nick of Time - Live 2003” is a wonderful live album…