Revolution Saints - Light in the Dark

Revolution Saints Light in the Dark cover
Revolution Saints
Light in the Dark
Frontiers Music Srl
Average: 7.2 (14 votes)
I remember I had been quite excited with the specific “super-group” a couple of years ago when they released their debut album. Taking my enormous love for Journey with Steve Perry as granted, I saw this project as an appetizer to ease my thirst. Anyhow, the debut was a good release in general, but without containing any “big hits”.
On the contrary, “Light in the Dark” is an OK album when it comes to performances, but it lacks a lot on the songwriting part. The musicians in the group are exceptional, but that doesn’t necessarily go along with the songwriting part. Deen Castronovo (Journey, Ozzy, Bad English etc.) is a great vocalist (and drummer), but I would like him to sound more like himself rather than a Perry-clone at times… for instance, on the ballads “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing” and “Can’t Run Away from Love” (even the guitar leads are trying to be alike!). I respect the aforementioned musician a lot and I’m a fan of his work, so I hope you got my point largely. This is the part where Revolution Saints haven’t evolved at all… when it comes to music they are still sounding like a (Perry era) Journey clone, with insipid tracks and generic melodies at large.
Personally, I was looking for something better, more inspired and less Journey-like… an album that would feature the musical personality of all its members and not something that would only bring on memories from one of the top 3 AOR bands of all time, just for the sake of it. No this is just not for me. Maybe it’s OK for newer fans that have been raised (on radio) with Journey, Survivor and such bands and do not know how unique AOR music used to be back in the day. If they do not decide to change their musical approach, I do not see how they could be around for more years, cuz there won’t be any good reason for that.

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