Prong - Zero Days

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Zero Days
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You have to give it to Prong for sticking to their guns for some thirty odd and never making it to the big league. In the interim their leader Tommy Victor has found employment as a guitarist in Danzig and Ministry, thus being able to keep a seemingly unsuccessful Prong going on, probably as a bit of an artistic outlook.
Groovy and hardcore inspired, but also melodic enough the band lost the big chance to really make it big when their too weird for the American crowd “Rude Awakening” album that followed their commercial acceptance didn’t sell enough and that saw them released from a contract with Epic, leading to the band’s break up, at the same time that nu-metal and more “groovy” alternative acts were becoming a mainstay. They reunited a few years later, but had really missed the chance of being at the forefront of the “groove” armada that was led by Pantera and White Zombie, even if they toured with them, but not when they really took off. Thus post millennially they have never achieved serious traction, other than being “veterans”.
“Zero Days” must be the eleventh or twelfth album by these guys and other than Victor’s extracurricular activities, their longevity has probably to do with the fact that the band has never strayed from their simple and to the point hardcore thrash, seriously.
You have to really give it up to them that they had the foresight to play like they did – when they did thus being almost a pioneering band, in that respect, but sounding almost identical thirty years later and a dozen or so musicians later, is probably a sign of inability to evolve. If you’ve ever liked the band in the past you are likely to like them still, despite their monotonous stylistic nature. In actuality, while I don’t mind some of the faster numbers here like the title track and “Operation of the Moral Law”, there’s little variety here… in “The Whispers” you can almost hear the same patterns that made the band somewhat popular in the mid-90s (ie “Snap Your Fingers” etc.)…
Not downright good or bad, just monotonous, but I guess for them to still be around, enough people might like them.

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