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Profusion is an Italian prog rock band that was formed at the end of 2002. After almost 4 years, in 2006, they released their debut album “One Piece Puzzle”. The band’s line-up changed throughout the years and the last and very important additions was the guitarist Thomas Laguzzi (joined the band in 2009) and the vocalist Luca Latini, that joined the band during the recording sessions of “RewoToweR”.
It’s really amazing how the band managed to evolve since their debut album… I believe that the new guitarist along with the new voice brought a new fresh air to the band’s camp in general. The music became heavier and they also added influences from bands like: IQ, Arena, Marillion, Spock's Beard, Planet X, Dream Theater, and Porcupine Tree. Their new sound is truly much better than the one they used to have and I believe that by taking that new prog rock/metal path… they can achieve better things in their career.
They have built a strong musicianship and they combined the elements from the aforementioned bands very beautifully so as to present the new sound of ProFusion. Honestly, this band has nothing to do with the band that released “One Piece Puzzle”… and to be direct… I think it’s for their best. The songs are not long, except for the 11 minute “Dedalus Falling”, which is my beloved song of the album. Other decent songs are: “Ghost House”, “Taste Of Colors (Part One)”, “Taste Of Colors (Part Two)”, “Treasure Island”, “So Close But Alone” (with the wonderful Latin refrain), Chuta Chani (with the folk influences and the opera touches) and the sensational “Turned To Gold”.
Naturally, “RewoToweR” will offer ProFusion the chance to tour extensively and give them some more recognition on the prog rock/metal scene. They have actually done a very good work here and they deserve your support. Listen to them and you won’t be dissatisfied in any way.
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