Portrait - Burn the World

Portrait Burn the World cover
Burn the World
Metal Blade Records
Average: 5.3 (30 votes)
Metal Blade might have relied mostly on extreme metal and new-sound bands in the past few years, but they still know how to pick some fairly decent classic metal bands, when it comes to it. Sweden’s Portrait have been around for about a dozen years… they’ve released four albums (this one included) and they do subscribe to the occult style of things, bearing some visible similarities to Mercyful Fate and King Diamond, mainly in the vocal department, with an excessive use of over the top falsettos, that may not be as paranoid as the King’s, but they subscribe to the same school of thought. They are a very love it or hate it affair, but since they tend to sound more like Jim Gillete of Nitro than the King, they are to dislike.
Per Lengstedt seems to sound better when he breaks closer to a more natural voice that sounds a little like David De Feis, had he taken a tab of acid… but I digress. It’s certain riffs and most certainly the leads that work in favor of these guys, with Set Teitan of Dissection guesting on a few. “Likfasnna” (translated to curse of the dead – from Swedish), “Martyrs” and “To Die For” are some of the better songs on offer here, as “Burn the World” seems to strike the perfect balance between the band’s previous couple of efforts, the manic and extreme side of “Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae” and the more middle of the road (pun intended) and melodic approach of “Crossroads”…
It’s hard to dislike, what these guys stand for, but despite the obvious progression I still think they have some way to go before they can be seriously comparable to their influences. Still decent, if you can’t wait for the return of the King of Diamonds, some time next year. It should keep you sufficiently busy.

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