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Pokerface is a Russian quintet that it billed as thrashers, who basically had both their guitarists and singer replaced after a tour in 2016 and losing little time are back with another album… which surprisingly enough not only capitalizes on their debut, but with the aid of the new members surpasses it on many levels.
Firstly, their new singer (female one) Alexandra Orlova is a lot better than their former one, more extreme but also more capable across the board, switching between low guttural growls and higher pitches screams that both sound pretty convincing as she’s able to connect them when she has too quite effortlessly. The new guitarists Vadim and Xenia are also in no shortage of riffs and awesome leads, thus creating songs that flow easily and impress without even having to try too much…
It’s funny, but the band without sacrificing their identity or “thrash” core of their sound, also makes successful forays towards melodic death and also power metal, without compromising, which is impressive.
Think older & more recent Kreator, Arch Enemy (Alissa era) and the like and this ain’t far off, to the point actually that if the Swedes weren’t “superstars” already, they should start being worried, about these “eastern” invaders potentially stealing their crown…
Pokerface – brilliant name btw – the pun is that they mean the poker you use to stoke fire in a fireplace, not the blank stare when playing poker, set, game, match, won!

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