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Pink Cream 69
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I must admit that I found the last PC69 album, 2012’s “Ceremonial”, to be a little underwhelming… just a bit like the first couple of Readman albums that felt transitional and didn’t manage to shake off the ghost of Andi Deris’ departure, until “Electrified” that really managed to show a Readman fronted version of the band standing on its own two feet and releasing some impressive single-worthy material. Now Ward in recent years have become a pretty sought after producer and Readman has been more in demand as a vocalist, touring heavily so Pink Cream’s output has diminished in quantity pretty significantly, with albums taking almost double the time to produce these days – somewhere from four to five years. I mean being busy with other aspects is what drove the band’s long time drummer Kosta Zafeiriou to leave the band, in order to concentrate to Unisonic (with Kai and Kiske), as well as to focus on his management and touring company that handles Helloween among others.
But back on the album, despite the album’s being more sporadic, this is closer to the album’s better output, and would have sat well between “Thunderdome” and “In10sity”. Songs like the smashing opener “We Bow to No-one”, the also energetic “No More Fear”, the more metallic “Path of Destiny”, “Bloodsucker”, the more melodic “Man of Sorrows” (original) and “Vagrant of the Night”… are among the highlights of this, somewhat patchy, but very much in the right direction and mostly endearing, album that restored my faith in the band. Sticking a second CD with a 9 track live performance adds to the VfM factor making this a rather conscious purchase for the longtime fan, as well as a worthy addition for the casual fan of melodic hard rock.

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