Nuisance Of Majority - Savage Ritual

Nuisance Of Majority Savage Ritual cover
Nuisance Of Majority
Savage Ritual
Independent Release
Average: 5.8 (69 votes)
This German quarter from Kiel, seems to be edgy and provocative, have been around for more than a decade and have almost released half a dozen of albums. They describe themselves as Hardcore, stoner, punk and doom, but I’d be most inclined to taxonomize them as ultra verbed deathcore, which at times flirts with the sound that Volbeat have popularized. I guess other comparisons that arise, would include Agnostic Front, Entombed and Vision Of Disorder, elementally and that should give you a pretty shrewd idea about what these guys are all about.
They got conviction, they play tight, which any group with more than a few albums and years together should be capable of and at only 35 minutes it doesn’t get too tiresome, despite it’s rather repetitive and predictable nature. To each his own.

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