Musta Paraati - Black Parade

Musta Paraati Black Parade cover
Musta Paraati
Black Parade
Cleopatra Records
Musta Paraati return with a new studio album almost 34 years after their latest studio work, “Käärmeet”, which was released in 1984. Certainly, that wasn’t an easy thing to do, especially after the passing of their original singer, Jore Vastelin in 1993; but it does show that the fire was burning inside the rest of the members and it was a matter of time to get back to biz. Of course, they had already given a hint, back in 2015 that they might return with something more complete after the release of the “Uusi Musta” single with Herra Ylppö on vocals.
“Black Parade” marks a new chapter on the band’s history. It’s the first album in English and with the famous Jyrki “69” Linnankivi (The 69 Eyes) on vocals. As Saku and Yka revealed they started working on some Saku ideas but the stuff was written specifically for Jyrki’s voice. Jyrki also wrote the lyrics in English. It all started as an idea to make some English versions of their older songs and they came up with a brand new studio album in English! How about that! The only English version of their old track, “Johtaja”, is “The Leader”, which they released as a lead single and video too. Originally, this version was meant to be a bonus track, but it ended up being the first appetizer of their new album. A weird choice indeed, but nothing to complain about as the album features great tracks which were completely created for Jyrki’s voice.
“Black Parade” has a more gothic rock direction than a post-punk one and that’s obvious due to Jyrki’s bass-baritone vocals. Moreover, the atmospheric elements create a wonderful gothic atmosphere largely. At times, the music may bring The 69 Eyes on your mind, but that’s obvious since the guys were influenced by Musta and due to Jyrki’s vocals.
Undoubtedly, the new album will satisfy the band’s old fans in and out of Finland. Musta Paraati have made a major worldwide opening with “Black Parade” that will work for the band’s own benefit in due course. They’ve got what it takes to take it further and I think this time they’ve chosen wisely to expand their audience and their horizons with English lyrics and Jyrki on vocals. If you’re into gothic rock, then do not let this album slip you by…