Mr. Big - Defying Gravity

Mr. Big Defying Gravity cover
Mr. Big
Defying Gravity
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Mr. Big are nearing their thirty year anniversary next year and now it’s as good a time as any to drop a new album, unassumingly, of new material, instead of doing “re-recordings” of their most famous albums or what not… after all the band was and is pretty much too damn talented to f@ck it up the first time around and being on a multinational they were afforded real studios and producers…
They actually reunite with Pat Torpey, who’s been diagnosed with parkinson, but seems well enough to perform, but still have Matt Starr on board, who took over his duties on previous albums. For them it’s business as usual… according to Paul Gilbert, it took the band only six days to finish the album, live in the studio, which translates in a rather lively an pulsating result, production wise, while the songs themselves are not bad either…
Open Your Eyes” kicks the album off, with a funky rhythm and enough power to whet the appetite of the discerning metal fan. It isn’t however until the meticulous and highly melodious title track that things get really interesting.
“Everybody Needs A Little Trouble” keeps up with the groovy riffs but gets a little tiresome and even a fiddly – diddly Gilbert solo can’t save it…
“Damn I’m in Love Again” is a ballad with a bit of a country feel that works well to change the tempo and feel of the album up to that point.
“Mean to Me” has a cascading and dynamic riff and feels pretty classic 80s inspired with Gilbert and the rhythm guys just performing a few minor miracles during the verses… damn!
“Nothin’ Bad (‘bout Feelin’ Good)” is almost a ballad, a very melodic number that has that same “80s cool” about it… a number that could have easily been a minor hit back in the day and is still worth of finding its way in the band’s sets even today.
“Forever and Back” feels a little like Big doing Jovi and doing it justice, without using a pastiche of clichés, just pure talent
“She’s All Coming Back to Me Now” is another bright sounding number, about always being in love… a pop number with a very sweet chorus.
“1992” that was “spread”, as a bit of a single… of sorts, is a bittersweet realization of what happened all those years ago and was the band’s “peak” and seemingly finest hour... some 25 years ago.
“Nothing at All” is an almost funky pop soft rocker that doesn’t do much to add or to detract from the albums sum.
While, “Be Kind” is an almost sleazy blues drenched electrostatic finger snapper that again doesn’t change the overall balance significantly…
“Defying Gravity” feels like the band’s most “comprehensive” and “sure” album since their reunion some eight years ago. If you’re a fan, this will be mega, while it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to remain unimpressed even if you dig hard rock just a little. Not giving a damn about gravity, or what’s expected of them… Mr. Big deliver and they deliver big.

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