Mindfar - The Dark Tower

Mindfar The Dark Tower cover
The Dark Tower
Underground Symphony
Mindfar is the debut effort of this “one man” (plus a woman on some female vocals I presume), the Italian guitarist Armando De Angelis. It sounds decent for a one man project, with the only very “obvious” drawback being the drums, which are programmed. While they are not the worst sounding ones I’ve heard… it always takes a lot away from the end result, plus they usually stick out a bit in the mix. Also Armando is not the best vocalist there’s ever been, but thankfully he’s also far from the worst, avoiding embarrassment.
What perplexed me a lot is both the cover and a convoluted concept, of a “cowboy/gunslinger” type and medieval sort of references to wizards etc.; musically there are some interesting ideas, but the execution is a little lacking, with some places feeling a little too plain and under-instrumented. It’s actually weird that Armando seems more able to flesh out the longer songs like the fifteen minute title track, but seems at a loss on simpler and shorter songs, where he’s being a bit too minimal with his guitars etc., ie “The Drawing of the Three” or “The Wolves”.
I will have to be brutal on this effort, as it’s lacking in too many sectors, but to give the devil his due, it’s not the worst thing that I have ever heard coming from a “one-man band”… although a more collective “band” effort might have proven easier to fathom.