Midryasi - Black, Blue & Violet

Black, Blue & Violet
My Graveyard Productions
Four year after their second release, Midryasi are back with a new album under a new label. The band’s heavy rock, doom, psychedelic, prog, space & rock amalgam is evolving on each new work.
“Black, Blue & Violet” is following the band’s progression into a gloomy, hallucinogenic & obscure alleyway. All this psycho-doom-panic-murky atmosphere they create, has a pleasant edge especially to those who are fond of such things. The sound is also fabulous with bits of 70s psychedelia now and again but without being old-fashioned in the least.
The more time you spend listening to “Black, Blue & Violet”, the more you will revel in it. The album’s almost 39 minutes of total running play are enough to make you want for more after it’s over. Give this band a chance if you’re into this kind of music and you will be rewarded afterwards…