The Michael Des Barres Band - Carnaby Street

The Michael Des Barres Band
Carnaby Street
Gonzo Multimedia
Well Michael Des Barres is, without any doubt, a very famous guy. I’m sure that most of you are aware of his work in music & acting generally since the late 60s. He’s mostly known for playing the Murdoc role on the TV show MacGyver and for replacing the late Robert Palmer in Power Station, fronting the band in the 1985 Live Aid concert. He formed the bands Silverhead & Detective in the 70s as well. Anyhow, his career is far too long to be mentioned in a CD review so let’s better focus on his new work.
In 2011 Michael Des Barres formed a new band under the name The Michael Des Barres Band which included Jebin Bruni (Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann) on keyboards, David Goodstein (Nil Lara, Daniel Powter) on drums, Eric Schermerhorn (Iggy Pop, David Bowie) on guitar and Paul ILL (Juliette Lewis, Courtney Love) on bass. Having written several songs throughout the years… Michael and his new band finally released “Carnaby Street”… an album which consists of 10 pure rock & roll tunes with a bluesy attitude and lots of 60s-70s passages… how couldn’t it be after all? Michael’s voice is great after all these years and along with his music he’s delivering an oldies-tasteful rock and roll album without being retro whatsoever… but rather fresh and strong. The production is as clear as water and full of energy. Responsible for this great outcome is Michael Des Barres himself and Reuben Cohen for the mastering.
If you’re into 60s-70s rock & roll music and fancy bands like: Rolling Stones, Zoot Money, The Artwoods etc. then surely, Michael can offer you some enjoyable time with his brand new album. Welcome back Michael… assuredly the “old ones” missed you and it will be a chance for the youngsters to learn/listen to how actual amusing rock & roll music is like by a genuine rocker…
PS: You can get the CD limited edition with the bonus DVD both in EU & US here.