Me And That Man - Songs of Love and Death

Me And That Man Songs of Love and Death cover
Me And That Man
Songs of Love and Death
Cooking Vinyl
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“Me And That Man” is a collaboration between Nergal from Behemoth and Polish/British rock musician, John Porter.
Think Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Mark Lanegan and Leonard Cohen. Bleak lyrics, an overbearing pessimism, evident almost everywhere, with a production that’s as basic as they come, but a bit too compressed and more lo-fi than most, probably closer to Waits most experimental material.
Fans of Behemoth can steer clear of this, unless they’re curious enough or fans of the style, or they’re likely to be disappointed. In general, while the simple singer/songwriter formula of acoustic driven numbers has offered a few nice lyrical gems at times, I would hesitate to categorize “Songs of Love & Death” among them… despite a few songs showing moments of brilliance ie “Love & Death”, “One Day” and probably “Ain’t Much Loving”.
Artistic freedom requires taking great risks. Had Nergal tried to build a career doing “this”, I’m curious if he would have gotten anywhere and the fact that he can do this, is afforded to him because of his success with his other project, but should not mean that he’d fare similarly in other artistic endeavors just because of association.
The pessimistic acoustic style has been done much better than this album in the past, that offers nothing new or even memorable to the genre. Utterly forgettable.

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