Masterplan - PumpKings

Masterplan PumpKings cover
AFM Records
Masterplan are caught between a rock and a hard place, indeed with more lineup changes in a few years than other bands have had in their entire career and particularly three different singers in what it five studio albums!
Since not being asked to partake in the big “Helloween” reunion, others sold their drums (Uli Kusch) and others in the case of the really talented Roland Grapow decided to have a little “celebration” of their time in the “Pumpkins” by releasing a re-recorded best of their “times” with the band to try and get the headlight on them while the whole thing is still “on”.
In a business where the continuation of operation of a lot of bands on a professional level is under fire, such a move is understood, but the question that arises is, if it’s something that a fan would actually buy.
Consisting of ten of the better tracks Roland wrote while he was in Helloween (“The Chance”, “Someone’s Crying”, “Mankind”, “Step Out Of Hell”, “Mr. Ego”, “Still We Go”, “Escalation 666”, “The Time of the Oath”, “Music” and “The Dark Ride”) it becomes painfully obvious that despite the fact that Roland was quite a great player, he hardly ever contributed any “hits” as a composer… with most of the songs here being good ones but not the ones upon which the band built their reputation. The re-recordings are pretty faithful and you can’t blame the performances or the production both of which are pretty good.
It just feels like a rather “meaning-less” and unnecessary release, a reminder of a legacy that wasn’t deemed as important to celebrate, as that of others, which is a little sad come to think of it, but also probably expected in this day and age of bloodthirsty business.