Mastercastle - Enfer (De La Bibliotheque Nationale)

Mastercastle Enfer (De La Bibliotheque Nationale) cover
Enfer (De La Bibliotheque Nationale)
Scarlet Records
Mastercastle are certainly going for a world record here! They are one of the very few bands that have released 5 full-length albums in 7 years of existence! That’s impressive either way you see it. Some may say that quality is always over quantity but that’s a different story.
The band’s melodic metal with heavy/power elements and virtuosic solos is working pretty well on the whole. Giorgia is a wonderful singer and Pier is a guitar virtuoso. Also there’s a new member on board, the drummer Francesco La Rosa (Extrema, Denial) that’s participating in the new album along with the special guest Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth, Vision Divine) on keyboards. The album features “Naked”, “Pirates”, “Enfer” & “Behind the Veil”, which are very melodious tracks with memorable refrains. The instrumental “Coming Bach” is also very good. Unfortunately, the rest tracks are OK but they do not have strong melodies in general. Moreover I think that the production could have been slightly better especially on the rhythm guitar and the drum sound. It’s good overall but it could have been better as well.
Probably if the band decides to hold their horses somehow, take a bigger break between albums and gather all of their strong tracks together in one album, they will certainly come up with much better material in the end. Just imagine having an album out which would feature the better tracks from “Enfer” and “On Fire”…