Lyinheart - Scars N Tattoos

Lyinheart Scars n Tattoos cover
Scars N Tattoos
Independent Release
Lyinheart is a hard rock band, out of Waterloo, Iowa, USA. They’ve been quietly banging away for more than a dozen years or so, now releasing their 5th full-length album entitled “Scars N Tattoos”
They sound an awful lot like early Motley Crue, especially their singer Ted Smalley seems to be doing an uncanny Vince impersonation; the band likewise churns out an expected amalgam of west coast hair metal supremos, with the focus on the Motts. While their “Motley” sound is quite enjoyable, the songs, despite being hot, dirty, sweaty and heavy, tend to be a bit more hit and miss and their looks are closer to MC2015, rather than MC1985… so a few decades too late to the game. Despite all that, they will probably be fun to listen to, primarily by Crueheads…