Lux Perpetua - The Curse of the Iron King

Lux Perpetua The Curse of the Iron King cover
Lux Perpetua
The Curse of the Iron King
Underground Symphony
Lux Perpetua were formed in 2009 by a trio of friends and following a tumultuous few years of lineup changes and a change of name, from Sentinel to Lux Perpetua and an EP in 2014, the band solidified, after Magdalena Tararuj started to play keyboards with them and Artur Rosinski replaced their then singer, during recordings of their debut.
The Polish sextet seems able to breathe some originality to the bardic power metal, part Blind Guardian, part Rhapsody, but at the same time, not a cheap copy, but a rather original proposition with careful and tasteful instrumentation that doesn’t sideline the main melody, neither does overlap the main arrangement. Rosinski is a little too shouty for my liking, but also capable of a more refined approach and he puts all that he has towards the songs, it’s more of his conviction than actual performances that make him likable. I think he can mature in time to a much better singer.
A debut that will surely please fans of early Blind Guardian, Domine and Rhapsody (or the first solo album of Luca Turilli), Dionysus etc… European power that is not whimpy, but does well, what it does. There’s a whole lot more conviction in these guys and gal than in many copycat bands that currently enjoy their 15 minutes of “fame” in larger companies, who just sign up bands to see if they might “work out” as replacements to the “heavyweights” when they give up…