Lords Of Black - II

Lords Of Black II cover
Lords Of Black
Lords Of Black are back with their sophomore release, two years after the eponymous debut and this time under Frontiers Records. I guess it’s a major step for the band to be under the wing of one of the pioneering rock/hard rock labels globally and that will give an extra boost to their reputation as well.
Tony Hernando, the mastermind behind Lord Of Black along with his bandmate and vocalist Ronnie Romero present an edgy metallic album that blends power metal & melodic metal with groovy rhythms and several progressive passages. “II” is more straightforward and focused than the debut and probably a more complete album on the whole. Tony shines throughout the album, with his powerful sharp riffs and his great solos. But honestly, what can one say about Romero, who has been personally selected by the legendary Ritchie Blackmore to front Rainbow in their upcoming live shows? Romero is an amazing singer that has a Dio-like edge on his voice, but without losing his personal ID at any point. Andy C. on the drums and the keys also complements Tony and Ronnie in a perfect way. By the way, the band has a new bassist on its ranks, Javi Garcia. Tony co-produced the album along with Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween), who also did the mixing and the mastering. The production is full, powerful and utterly heavy!
I do think that some progressive instrumental parts on some tracks are adding a different perspective on “the usual” heavy/power metal approach and that’s another plus for the band, apart from the great performances and Ronnie’s terrific vocals. My personal favorites are: “Merciless”, “Only One Life Away”, “Everything You’re Not”, “New World’s Comin’”, “Cry No More”, “Tears I Will Be”, “Insane” and “The Ghost of You”… but that depends on one’s liking and musical taste. The piano version of “Insane” is simply delightful and the two covers on “Lady of the Lake” (Rainbow) and “Innuendo” (Queen) are very well-delivered too. All things considered, “II” is a creative melodic heavy/power metal album that will please the fans of the genre ultimately.