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Lisa Lim
Lisa Lim
Spin Dog Records
I wasn’t aware of Lisa before I got this invitation for reviewing her latest second release. Lisa is quite known in the East Coast rock scene and her debut album was released in 2007. Apart from a multi-instrumentalist, she also sings and composes music, so as you can guess this album is all about Lisa and her personal life experiences and inner feelings.
This self-titled album contains 12 songs and if I can say so it is divided in “three parts”. The first 5 songs are groovy, funky, rock-bluesy and up-tempo, the other 5 are mid/slow-tempo with a deep bluesy, smooth-rockin’ & popy character while the last two are upbeat & lively. Along with Lisa there are: Thoman Johansen on Hammond, programming, Moog, CP70, Rhodes, harmonica & backing vocals, Andreas Holmstrom on bass, Scott Rabino on drums & percussion and Mary Shaver, Tara Jacobs & Pauline Anson Dross on backing vocals. Thomas Johansen (Jack Rubinacci, Rhys Williams, Boy Kill Boy etc.) is also the producer of the album. The final outcome is magnificent in every part.
Even though the first album part is the more up-tempo one and there are tracks which capture that lady rockin’ feeling, I do think that some tunes are over the top at times… (for example “Distant Second” is too girly & playful for my liking). The “second part” and tunes like: “Denial”, “Please, Please Don’t Go”, “I Got You”, “Our River” & “Letter” pleased me the most and got me into Lisa’s music world. Either way you see it… this lady roxxx!!!