Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage - LMO

Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage LMO cover
Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage
Nuclear Blast
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Rage, the multinational metalers that soon will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in metal, are certainly celebrating album 22 with this release. Previously XII, Ghosts, Lingua Mortis, all featured orchestral arrangements most prominently and even on in between albums there have been lush classical like orchestrations courtesy of the genius of Victor Smolski, but here things are going maybe one step beyond. More phantasmagorical, more romantic, more grandiose, “LMO”, is in every respect an impressive accomplishment.
“Cleansed by fire” shows that Rage are not afraid to open the album with a 10 minute epic song. And what a song it is... it begins with some bizarre gypsy lament that gives its place to some epic chants and cellos that quickly introduce the main theme of the song and its glorious riff. Peavy sounds as good as ever and if comparisons had to be drawn, I’d say I’d think of something lifted from “XIII”, but 10 times more epic, with a bit of the influence from the later albums. Amazing album, with the orchestral arrangements being really well placed. Superb!
“Scapegoat” has a seducing demented riff and is a lot darker and faster, trying to balance things out. In an album with an orchestra, things are inherently gonna be “quieter” so “Scapegoat” tries to – get things.... heated up.... and manages to do so, rather well.
“The Devil’s Bride” is a diabolical waltz, initially a duet that later actually later evolves into a trio of vocal replies, between Peavy and the 2 girls of the LMO, one singing quite normally and the other in soprano range in classical form and style crossing over. It’s a strong, beautiful and interesting piece.
“Lament” is a piano laden piece, again a duet, between Peavy and Jeannette the normal singing girl of the LMO. Quite bright sounding and brilliant...
“Oremus” is an instrumental that begins with some whispered message about the witch hunts and bizarre sound-effects and is in essence a glorified Smolski solo that leads to…
The “Witches Judge”, a very fast paced and rhythmically varied song that keeps the interest high throughout its duration. It’s got a simple but very smart chorus melody and all in all bodes very well and injects the album with some much needed energy boost.
“Eye for an Eye” is another almost 10 minute piece and begins very much like a requiem... and has some very placid but also some very tempestuous passages. Quite the aural experience, especially, as its main theme, that could have been, just another riff, is not done by a guitar, but by the orchestra, that lends it quite another splendor…
“Afterglow” is the final proper track on the album and is a dark and mysterious slightly bittersweet but sort of soothing track that works perfect as a closer for the album.
“Straight to Hell” and “One More Time (A tribute to Dishonour pt2)” both from “Welcome to the Other Side” get the “orchestral” treatment and are offered here as bonus tracks. It’s mostly some embellishments and smart ornamentation that have been added, by Smolski, that don’t sound out of place, although in a couple of places, maybe they sound a bit over the top, because he had to squeeze them in there, on top of the already existing songs...
There’s also a DVD with two half hourly sets, with orchestras, the first from the Rock Hard Festival in 2010 and the latter, actually the premiere of the LMO on board of the 70.000 cruise in 2013, which is really recent and by comparison a little better in quality as well maybe because it was an more controlled “indoors environment”.
All in all, another really quality album by RAGE/LMO and a really great value for money rich in content package, but Nuclear Blast, please make your Digipacks/Books normal in size/shape, please, please, please. These don’t fit any effing standard CD storage solution out there... thanks. Hope Rage tour around quite a bit, with or without the orchestra... should be worth catching them, once more, preferably with the orchestra.

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