Lillian Axe - XI:The Days Before Tomorrow

Lillian Axe XI:The Days Before Tomorrow cover
Lillian Axe
XI:The Days Before Tomorrow
AFM Records
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Lillian Axe have truly been consistent when it comes to new music since 2007, when they returned to discography after almost 8 years. The new album finds them in a new label once again and I just hope this label will be their “home” for a long time.
“XI:The Days Before Tomorrow” has the same rock/metal elements that all the latest albums of the band have. It’s like a mix of the music they made in the 00s with some elements from (my personal favorite) “Psychoschizophrenia”. Certainly, it’s very hard to top that album but Steve Blaze (guitarist/keys/songwriter/producer) knows how to deliver qualitative dark rock/metal music. This album is no exception to that… balancing between hard rock and heavy metal music… with gloomy features, stimulating thematology and the special, sophisticated atmosphere of Lillian Axe. It’s weird how this band evolved throughout the years… since its melodic hard rock days (not so hair metal though)… but this is not strange if we consider the fact that Steve is a restless spirit that likes to progress both as a human being and as a musician. This album introduces us to the new singer of the band Brian Jones… a very good vocalist with a different tone from his predecessors (Ron Taylor & Derrick LeFevre were, somehow, alike)… that fits seamlessly to Steve’s music (he’s actually giving some great performances in the album).
“XI:The Days Before Tomorrow” is a decent album, rather diverse from the ones that are being released every month… it encloses a more “refined” music that needs time and quite a few plays to get it totally… as almost every album of the band. The production is terrific, as it was produced by Steve Blaze (he knows better than anyone what kind of sound he wanna deliver) and mixed by platinum producer, Sylvia Massy (Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sevendust, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and Prince). Songs like: “Babylon”, “Death Comes Tomorrow”, “The Great Divide”Take The Bullet”, “Bow Your Head”, & “My Apologies”… won’t displease any fan of the band. The European bonus “Angels Among Us” is a very beautiful instrumental song… that will especially make the devotees of Steve’s guitar work happy.

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