Kreator - Gods of Violence

Kreator Gods of Violence cover
Gods of Violence
Nuclear Blast Records
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Kreator have post-millennially engaged themselves in a constant cycle of albums and tours, rarely straying from the norm, after wild experimentation in the 90s found their popularity and sales plummet. They are playing it safe, but with as many years and albums behind them, they are able to play well and support their melodic, yet aggressive thrash. Always indulging in political theme and the human condition, “Gods of Violence” doesn’t hold any major surprises and falls in line with the band’s previous releases with maybe an extra bit of melody especially in the guitar department, which is more akin to power metal than thrash, especially when soloing.
“Apocalypticon” is a marching symphonic intro that leads straight into the holocaust of “World War Now”, a song as intense, fast and direct as anything Kreator has done in recent years. Awesome and capitulating, it simply will turn any resistance to dust instantly.
“Satan is Real” might have a bit of a cringe worthy title, but is really a metaphor for evil manifesting itself in real world. It might be a little more measured and more melodic, but it makes up with added heaviness.
“Totalitarian Terror” seems to mix things up a bit, still abundantly melodic at moments, but menacing at others, while keeping the balance exemplary.
“Gods of War” begins with an unassuming acoustic intro and also continues in a way that makes it sound way to reminiscent of “United in Hate” from “Phantom Antichrist”, but overall doesn’t disappoint, as the “repackaging” is well done for the most part.
“Army of Storms” is breaking away from the mold a bit, with its rather unusual approach to how it builds up, not entirely dissimilar to “Enemy of God”. Also the solos scream “Iron Maiden”… hehe.
“Hail to the Hordes” is a bit of a dedication to the fans and despite a nice riff, it sort of seems to be a too derivative and plain song in comparison to the rest, but it does come across as honest.
“Lion with Eagle Wings” begins with some bizarre intro, only to quickly dive back into the usual Kreator fare, but think “Outcast” era Kreator here; typical but with experimental bits and pieces not entirely out of the system yet.
“Fallen Brother” is another track where inspiration seems to be at a nadir, with a lot of repetition, but it’s not as bad as making you want to press skip. It’s interesting to see that some lines in the song are in German, which does make it a little different and somewhat incomprehensible to people, unless they use Google translate or something.
“Side by Side” is a song about standing and showing solidarity to those “different” and in this case it means minorities, homosexuals, people of different skin color or religion, anyone who might be looked down by the “normal normals” of this society. Strong…
“Death Becomes My Light” is odd, as it begins in a way akin to the “Endorama” period and continues to have a gothic atmosphere, with Maidenesque gallop and guitar, but also makes sure it works up its usual Kreator trademarks, so people don’t decry it as a “sell out”… nice to see the band still willing to break the norm a bit and I was wondering after all these years and carbon copy albums (more or less) if Mille was itching a bit to do something different; now their “alternative” albums didn’t exactly sell by the bucket load, but at least they were truly original and it’s nice to see all these years and albums in the need to experiment every now and then still alive and well. Odd as it might be, this deeply personal and idiosyncratic track is one of the best, because of the way in which it stands out, even if it’s tucked at the very end of the album.
The set of this special edition is completed by either a CD/DVD or a CD/BD of “Wacken 2014”, which adds value offering a full live experience along with the album if you chose to pay the extra buck. Not bad I’d say, although I strongly suspect that the “live” might be a little doctored with, since the vocals sound way too good, comparing them even with last year performances that were experienced first-hand, but who knows… at least they’ re good fun to watch and listen too, no matter what. The package is well worth the price.

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