Innuendo - The Road Not Taken

Innuendo The Road Not Taken cover
The Road Not Taken
Independent Release
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Arizona’s Innuendo has been around for almost twenty odd years, if not more and in the process has released a number of albums. They’re currently reduced to a core duo of Brett Richey on almost everything and Pat Laferty on vocals, with a couple of musicians on drums and keys mentioned separately (thus probably being session players?). Their last effort came more than a decade ago and their melodic poppy AOR has not aged too well…
The songs don’t always sound focused enough, the lead vocals and some harmonies often sound harsh, while the guitar is buried and antagonizing things somewhere in the background. You can tell that I’m not a fan of the mix.
Opener, “The Other Side of Town (Jesus)” doesn’t quite work for me, for all the aforementioned reasons, but thankfully things turn around a bit as songs progress… ie on “Little Less Grey” etc… However the overall impression of the album is that of a poorly mixed, possibly home recorded demo that often sounds too lukewarm and watered down to make any real lasting impression. While good AOR albums don’t come often, this one ain’t one of them, I’m afraid to report, despite the best intentions of its makers.

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