Hydrogyn - Redemption

Hydrogyn Redemption cover
Average: 5.8 (68 votes)
Hydrogyn are back with a new studio album 5 years after “Private Sessions”. The major change on the new album is the new vocalist Erica Parrott that has also affected the band’s music style. Nowadays, Hydrogyn follow a modern groovy metal style that doesn’t fit them at all… or in other words, this kind of modern heavy music with female vocals is so derivative and overdone that ends up being rather tiresome at the end.
Unfortunately, Erica is not Julie (the former vocalist) in any part. Her voice is a bit aggressive and fierce. I do not know why the band made that choice but it didn’t prove to be a smart move. Moreover, the production is kinda poor. It ain’t powerful or heavy… somewhat weak in every section, I’d say. Apart from that, the songwriting is totally blant.
This band used to have some potential, but after Julie’s departure, the future is fairly bleak for them. I can’t see where this aggressive modern heavy stuff can take them, but we’ll find out soon. It’s strange though that it took them 5 years to come up with such an insipid & tedious release…

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