Hunter & The Bear - Paper Heart

Hunter & The Bear Paper Heart cover
Hunter & The Bear
Paper Heart
Independent Release
Hunter & The Bear is a newcomer from the UK that has been going on since 2012. The guys considered the fact to make a name for themselves first, by releasing singles and videos and giving live shows in the UK, before releasing their debut full-length album. Finally, the time for their debut release has come and it contains 10 tracks.
The band decided to promote the album by releasing a single and a video each month for the last 8 months or so. Hence, as you can see almost all tracks from the album have already been revealed and the reception has been overwhelming. Blending the old rock values with the modern ones, Hunter & The Bear is a sucker for catchy melodies and enjoyable radio-friendly tracks, like “You Can Talk”, “Hologram”, “Paper Heart” and “Renegade” in general. What makes their music even more amusing, apart from the nice melodies, is Will’s vocals that are truly wonderful. The production is tight and full on the whole.
I’d love to see the guys live on stage at some point. This kind of music was meant to be played live and I’m sure they will rock the stage for good. Do not miss the chance to see them live for no reason. It will be a great chance not only to enjoy their show but to get a singed copy of their debut as well. If you fancy rockin’ stuff with modern touches, great vocals and nice atmospheres, then “Paper Heart” will make your day. This is only the beginning for Hunter & The Bear, so get to know this talented newcomer now that they are on their prime…