Horisont - About Time

Horisont About Time cover
About Time
Century Media Records
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“About Time” is the new and fifth full-length album by Horisont who are counting almost 11 years of existence. The band is currently under Century Media Records’ wing and they are hoping to take a step further in the success part. So far, they seem to have achieved such a thing as “About Time” is doing better in the charts compared to any of their previous albums. For instance, in Sweden it has become no1!
Horisont fancy the rock music of the 70s. It’s easy to say so if you listen to just one track from the band. Their sound here is kinda reminiscent of the one that UFO, Scorpions, Uriah Heep and Boston used to have in the 70s. Were I not aware that this album was released in 2017, I’d bet it was released during the second half of the 70s. I’m sure that thing will make the 70s rock lovers quite content. “About Time” is a pretty catchy album, as several tracks stand out. As the vocalist Axel told me, the tracks are about time-travelling, so they do have a sweet “sci-fi/psych” feeling in the terms of the 70s era though. The album was recorded & produced by the band itself in their own studio, mixed by Henrik Magnusson at Kust Studio and mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska Grammofonstudion.
The band has chosen to open the album with a cover on “The Hive” by Richard Harris (written by Jimmy Webb). A rather “strange” way to open the album but quite good as the cover has been done wonderfully. Other than that, the big hit, on this album, is “Electrical”, a true 70s catchy track that you’re gonna sing all day long. “Without Warning” balances between classic rock & 70s AOR, with Terminator lyrics. The bassist Magnus sings on “Letare” in Swedish. A very tasteful track indeed. “Night Line” is a rockin’ track with nice guitar harmonies. “Point of Return” is vastly influenced by the less progressive side of Rush. “Boston Gold” is a fabulous melodic track, with some Boston influences here & there. “Hungry Love” is somewhat influenced by the 70s Scorpions era (the best for many). A great rocker with a pretty cool refrain. “Dark Sides” is straight rocker that has a Uriah Heep touch. “About Time” is the most complex track on the album. Atmospheric & melodic with several prog & psych touches. Very gratifying, even if it is the longest track here.
Horisont are ready to take the next big step with “About Time”. It’s more likely that their new album will make them even more known within the rock community and will give them the chance to play in places they have never been before. If you do fancy the 70s rock music, then this album is surely for you, no second thoughts here…

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