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Hey Satan
Hey Satan
Cold Smoke Records
Average: 5.4 (91 votes)
Hey Satan are a trio from Lausanne, Switzerland, that sounds mean, groovy & heavy, grungy & angry… which is odd given their origin, but what the hell…
The problem with a band like them is variety, since soon enough you’ve heard, most if not all possible combinations of rhythms and growly vocals, you’d care to and unless your drunk or stoned out of your head, you’re unlikely to enjoy them terribly much…
Legal Aspect of Love sounds like bad Nirvana with mid-era Soundgarden throwin in a pot, so hence it’s not so bad; “Red Light Women” is also dear, not because of its titillating theme but because of its Sabbathy riff and I guess I could also give half a flying fuck for the bad jam that “This Meat Stinks, Honey!” is… elsewhere, I just got a bit of a headache, really.
Check em out if fuzzy, groovy shit makes your day, otherwise steer clear.

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