Hell - Hell

Hell cover
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Not to be confused with the British resurrected NWOBHM heroes, this Oregon one man band (sometimes aided by a drummer) is the brainchild of one M.S.W. (no real name given) of Salem, Oregon. Think particularly lo-fi sludgy drone-doom, with abysmal primal screams that peak over monotonous and heavy as fuck riffing as vocals. It’s almost as extreme as you can go, but still has a few tinges of melody here and there and still manages to sound more chthonic that malevolent than a lot of “Norwegian” true black metal.
Confusingly enough, this eponymous effort has nothing to do with the eponymous 2009 release, but does include the 2 numbers from the also eponymous 2015, 7". Go figure. For a guy that does all by himself and mostly releases MC, well – it’s more than one could have ever hoped for. Fans of Thou, Corrupted, Grief, Asunder and Primitive Man should be interested and need apply… the rest I think will happily observe from a distance…

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