Galactic Empire - Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire cover
Galactic Empire
Galactic Empire
Rise Records
Average: 5.5 (91 votes)
Jees, I must profess that apart from 2-3 design elements and the iconic musical theme, I really don’t like Star Wars… I know, I know, you can shake your head in disbelief but I thought it is a sloppy space opera, which unwillingly verges into self-parody.
Now some fellas by the names of “Boba Sett”, “Dark Vader”, etc… I kid you not, have decided to do “metal” versions of some of John Williams’ most epic moments from the soundtrack of the said movies, probably on their computers too, so the result sounds cheap and tardy. Expect the main theme and the “Imperial March” to attract most attention in their rather banal and unimaginative renditions as there is not really much else worth writing home about.
A completely unnecessary album, based on a gimmick and a possible magnet for a lawsuit waiting to happen, this might give a few nerd metallers a nerdgasm, but not much else.

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