Frontback - Heart of a Lion

Frontback Heart of a Lion cover
Heart of a Lion
Dead End Exit/Roastinghouse
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You know I’m a little bit critical of bands releasing tons of material with no apparent quality control. In fact, I’m well aware of a certain musician that makes his living from a Broadway style production and for some reason insists on a failed solo career, putting out whatever he composes, w/o any filtering which has really led to a bunch of tiresome and uneventful releases. So what does this have to do with Swedish melodic quartet Frontback and their sophomore release, I hear you ask… well there are parallels.
Take frontlady’s Anlo Front (is that really her surname?) voice… imagine a quieter Doroesque timbre that seems to break up, due to immaturity and lack of technique – but has a certain charm; mix it with Samey fist pumping hard rockers, with the decent riff here and there, but really not big hooks and you’re up with a not terrible, but terribly lackluster album that should have been further worked on, but instead is released and a band trying tooth and nail to promote it. I hate to be the one to piss in their cornflakes, but whereas this should have sounded spontaneous and cracking, it sounds over-compressed (to the point where performances suffer) and cookie-cutter.
There definitely sparks flying – but also a too bass heavy for the style production and well work to be done, in order to really make this reach its full potential. Now, whether they chose to invest into honing their songs more and not relying on the seer charm of their singer alone, is a subject for another record… worth checking out, but wouldn’t lose my head over them at this stage.

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