Enslaved - Roadburn Live

Enslaved Roadburn Live cover
Roadburn Live
Roadburn Records / By Norse Music
Roadburn has become a mecca for all the stoner and semi-alternative rock and metal bands, plus hipsters. Enslaved used to be a typical “Black/Viking” what-not sort of band, during their first ten years of existence... switching to a much more accessible style after the turn of the millennium, starting with “Monumension” with often softer passages and clean vocals… becoming more of a norm and making them accessible to a larger audience.
This alleged “first” official album of theirs (which makes me wonder what the indie recording of the Rock Hard fest was)… is a subset of their more career encompassing set at Roadburn a couple of years ago, focusing on the post millennial output – with mostly a song per album – although it completely omits a couple and does include two from their most recent release, if memory serves me correctly. It sounds pretty consistent with bootlegs from the performance and is rather well mixed, but I could have done without the attempt at Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”, because… you know it hardly translates well...
Fans that the band has amassed during their two decade existence will dig it, but I fail to see if it will convince anyone outside their fandom.