Enemy Remains - No Faith in Humanity

Enemy Remains No Faith in Humanity cover
Enemy Remains
No Faith in Humanity
Independent Release
Average: 5.4 (132 votes)
Enemy Within, Enemy Remains, Enemy Of Reality… seriously, where’s the love people? Why all this hate and polemic?!
Apparently, Enemy Remains is a band that was formed in 2005 by original Fates Warning drummer, Steve Zimmerman, and guitarist Tommy Blardo. They have released an album so far and done some local touring, but largely have not achieved to make any considerable mark in the international music scene and I hardly thing that their sophomore album “No Faith in Humanity” might take them a long way towards realizing their goal.
The band’s style gravitates towards modern American Rock with lots of alternative influences, but obviously a rather too complex percussive basis that makes it ahem a bit too prog for that genre. Not heavy and old school enough to appeal to any Fates Warning fans, but hardly anything to write home about or able to differentiate itself from the endless sea of angst ridden mellow modern rockers out there; musicianship alone fails to keep interest in this sophomore Enemy Remains album too high.
Caught somewhere between Trivium and Hatebreed, I can’t see the band really managing to avoid being lumped in the heap of X-core bands that seems to be an even worse bane for hard music than what the late 80s third rate hair metal band ever were worth listening, for the solid musicianship but very similar to a thousand other things out there.

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