Dynamite - Big Bang

Dynamite Big Bang cover
Big Bang
Dynamite Productions
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Dynamite is a Swedish hard rock quartet that’s largely copying AC/DC with a few twists and turns along their way; on their third album, they have collaborated with famous producer/songwriter Andreas Carlsson (Paul Stanley, Bon Jovi, Europe, Def Leppard), who co-wrote much of it with them…
On paper all is good, but in reality you get some pleasant songs, but a lot of “copy-cat” riffs that have been ripped of directly from Angus Young. Also their singer Mattis sounds like a weaker & whinier Axl Rose. If you did like Axl/DC’s live performances, think of a how it would have been if it pretty much sucked and was “sterile”. That’s Dynamite for ya. Too clean… almost as if someone had hired Miles Kennedy to sing for DC and greeted him with a kick in the balls.
But why does the world even need or like third rate copy-cats like Bullet, or second rate ones like Airbourne (who have lost it all the same) is over me. Angus (and whoever plays in AC/DC these days) is still the golden standard by which to measure up this shit and most people come up – quite short despite not being vertically challenged…
While, I initially was writing a detailed description of each song and which riff each one copies, I decided to scrape that. Too many damn riffs, too many clichés, too many lines and themes lifted. They say copying is the most sincere form of flattery, but damn it, this is what happens when some “tribute” band tries to write original material and really fails to make their mark. I’m off to spin, some real AC/DC and not some SWE/CC version of them.

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