Drakkar - When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes
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Drakkar are back with a new studio album after 10 years. That’s weird. I mean they did release the “Classified” E.P. in 2007, but after that there was silence. Anyway, better late than ever… but is it better after all these years?
I still remember the very good third album “Razorblade God” (reviewed at Grande rock at that time as well), which was released in 2002. I believed that Drakkar was ready to make the next big step in heavy/power metal music then … but unfortunately that didn’t happen.
Nowadays, they are still true to their Euro heavy/power metal that’s has also got lots of elements from the US heavy/power metal scene. Davide Dell'Orto is singing on this one (he is the second vocalist of the band) and although his voice is different from the first one, Luca Cappellari, I like it and I think that he fits Drakkar’s music. After all, he is the one who sang the amazing, atmospheric ballad “Galadriel’s Song” (influenced by Tolkien's writings) back in 2002.
“When Lightning Strikes” is a science fiction concept album with historical features as well. Unluckily, this album didn’t meet my expectation ‘cuz the songs are not that good. The performances are very good and you can find some nice song ideas here and there… but the not so good production (it reminded me of the sound the heavy/power metal bands used to have in the late 90s) does not help the overall result and it’s not leaving any good impressions at all. The production should have been heavier and tighter… they could have done it… as the album was recorded and mixed at Elnor Studio by Mattia Stanciou (Labyrinth, Crown Of Autumn) and mastered at Hofa Studios by Jurgen Lusky (Angra, Pink Cream 69, Axxis, Ten, Crematory etc.)… so, the right guys were there… what the hell went wrong?
Inauspiciously, the fourth studio album of the band, “When Lightning Strikes”, is the most mediocre release of Drakkar so far… and I can only suggest it for the die-hard fans of the band (how many of them are still out there?).
PS: Try to listen to “Galadriel’s Song” somehow, for it’s an exceptional ballad that will amaze you.

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