Dobermann - Pure Breed

Dobermann Pure Breed cover
Pure Breed
Wild Mondays Music
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Having been around for almost 6 years, this trio from Italy makes quite an entrance on the “top rockin’ league” with their new album entitled “Pure Breed”. Without doing anything extraordinary, just following the classic rock and rock & roll recipe from the 70s and after, Dobermann showcase that you just need to follow your heart so as to play fine rockin’ music and everything follows right after.
I fancy the good vibe each track exhales and how tight the members are. The sound is rockin’ & powerful on the whole. The album was produced by the celebrated producer Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, H Bloxx). It’s like you’re listening to a band that has been together for decades. “War Thunder”, “Pure Breed”, “Stuck in Traffic” and “Hometown” are some great (hard) rock & roll anthems that will make you sing along and even tap your foot on the floor along with the rhythm. On the track “Radioactive”, the renowned guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ex-Gun ‘n Roses, ) participates. Needless to say, Ron’s solo is superb!
I do think that “Pure Breed” will help the band gain more publicity and reputation in the rock community and will give the band a chance to give even more live shows to new places as well. After all, this kind of music is meant to be played live and I bet that Dobermann will give one hell of a show… so do not miss them if they happen to play in your town. Closing, if you like lively & pure rock & roll music from the heart, then do check these guys out…

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