Dobbeltgjenger - Limbohead

Dobbeltgjenger Limbohead cover
Karisma Records
Dobbeltgjenger, the Norweigian band with the really hard to pronounce name, are back with their sophomore release “Limbohead”. The band was formed about 3 years ago, in 2015 and consists of Sondre Veland (Major Parkinson, Ossicles) on drums, Jakob Sønnesyn (Depresno, 9 Grader Nord) on bass, Vegard Wikne (Ocean Of Lotion) on guitars and vocals, and Knut Martin Rasmussen Langeland on guitar.
The band’s so called “futuristic retro rock” music style is influenced by classic rock, rock & roll, stoner rock, modern rock, fuzz rock, post punk, boogie rock, grunge and atmospheric rock with bits of psychedelic and prog rock, among others. The guys are trying to combine various music styles together and that’s kind of a double-edged sword. Sometimes it works fine and others not so well.
I do think that the main issue with “Limbohead” is the songwriting, which is all over the place. “Locking My Door” is the best track here… a song that showcases that if the band is focused, without trying to overdo it, they can deliver the goods. In any case, their third release will show the way… as it happens most of the times.