Dirty Thrills - Heavy Living

Dirty Thrills Heavy Living
Dirty Thrills
Heavy Living
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Dirty Thrills is a British quartet in hypsteric regalia that was born after a drunk jam and prays to the collective altars of Zeppelin, Bad Company and whatever else was hip in the 70s. There’s no shortage of retro-lusting revivalists, most of whom have faded back into obscurity after a few albums (ie The Answer, who failed to capitalize on an arena tour supporting AC/DC), others disbanded (even if they deserved much better – due to the public’s apathy – ie Glyder) and a fair few seem to be riding the wave as we speak (Rival Sons) and this lot…
Problem is… past the spirited opener “I’ll Be with You” that overflows with swagger, there’s precious little in term of memorable songwriting, with a whole lotta songs sounding like The Cult rejected ideas, or to samey to make any real difference. “Law Man” is a little better with its sea-saw riff as well as the fairly predictable ballad “Lonely Soul” and the fast boogie of “Get Loose”.
While it’s nice to see this “genuine” and well-intended 70s tribute, results “do” vary from OK to not so hawt…maybe a better set of songs would do the dirty trick that would bring us some thrills.

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