Destructor - Decibel Casualties

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Decibel Casualties
Pure Steel Records
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Ohio’s Destructor was a power thrash that had a promising start in the mid-80s, but folded soon after the tragic demise of their bassist Dave Holocaust. They didn’t reunite until after a decade past that tragic event and with the whole “resurgence” of underground metal, they were given a “second chance” and lease of life, releasing both new and legacy material. Original members Dave Overkill (vocals, guitar) and drummer Matt Flammable return aided with Nick Annihilator (guitar) and Tim Hammer (bass) aiding their pursuit of speed and maximum destruction.
They don’t sound that much subdued by age or bad luck and their Exciter-esque ethos and power/thrash combo makes em both an easy and fun listen. Don’t expect much variety here, only fury and frenzy in the band’s attack. “Restore Chaos” is a bit of a mission statement and if “Keep the Faith” feels a bit wussy and cliché laden; “Metal Spike Deep” just lands the pickets as deep as they can. “We are Ready” is again a little “wimpy” by the high standards of Exciter, but would make other people more than break a sweat. “The Last Days” has an epic air in its venomous guitar riff that the melody of the instrumental “Fiery Winds” does little to cool. “Metal Till Death” is in your face and DIY as it could be and it isn’t until the final “In Hell” that the band goes almost prog – with an unusually complex but also whirl wind fast number that clocks over the six minute mark and leaves you to suffer in torment in hell…
Having recently seen a Beehler fronted Exciter, I must say this shit exited me in no small part. Good shit… for all you old schoolers out there that doesn’t have to try too hard to do what it sets out to do. To the point… right between the eyes.

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