Deathless Legacy - Rituals of Black Magic

Deathless Legacy Rituals of Black Magic cover
Deathless Legacy
Rituals of Black Magic
Scarlet Records
Pretty much what I noted about last year’s album by these Italian Demons and their Desdemoniac front lady singer still stands a year later. I was a little concerned, whether a year was enough time for them to offer a well prepared album, but they seem to be on a roll, so their fourth album arrived not only quickly, but it turned out to be every bit as good if not better than their previous.
A little more defined, a touch less symphonic, probably and hitting the coffin nails without fail, these guys and g(h)a(ou)l deliver some gothic infused, macabre/horror metal, with such panache that hasn’t been witnessed since the heydays of Death SS or King Diamond (who hasn’t delivered an album in what seems like forever, something that seems likely to change soon).
Steva La Cinghiala doesn’t only have a name that part recalls Death SS and part 60s horror movie, but she has a bewitching commanding voice able to cast a spell on the listener without having to try too much. And she doesn’t even have to try and sound awfully coy or sweet’ it’s exactly her vitriolic spells that haunt and the dramatic crescendos that seem to climax with no end, that keep the listener glued, paralyzed unable to move or speak, unless the songs run their course. And she’s not alone, pretty much everything and everyone of the remaining musicians have outdone themselves here. Nightmarish keyboards, courtesy of Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine), riffy guitars that break into short but effective leads, create quite the atmosFEAR. And those hooks, most songs have hooks that could hold your cadaverous corpse, elevating for a week. Figuratively speaking.
The title track, “Rituals of Black Magic”, “Vigor Mortis”, “Ars Goetia”, “Hex”, #$#@ pretty much the entire album seems able to suck you in and doesn’t let you go until it’s through.
I’d wager my soul that they’ll make it big, but because I’d hate to lose it and have little devils with pitchforks pushing them against my tender portions (or however that Blackadder scene goes); I’ll refrain from doing so, but I’m going to say that I believe that they wholeheartedly deserve to get much bigger. 2018 has begun in quite a promising way I must say with an album like that and I’m actually quite interested in catching up one of their shows, so as to witness the enchanting myself.