Deathless Legacy - Dance with Devils

Deathless Legacy Dance with Devils cover
Deathless Legacy
Dance with Devils
Scarlet Records
Average: 6.2 (112 votes)
Deathless Legacy is an Italian act that has been around for a decade, but not always under the same name. See... they began as a Death SS tribute that went by the name of DeathleSS, before (2006-2013) having to add “legacy” for copyright reasons. They’ve been active under their new name for only a handful of years but they have been very busy, releasing albums yearly and touring as hard as they could. Their style was always a gothic infused, macabre/horror metal, with a few symphonic tendencies but on this “third” album they seem to have outdone themselves.
While I would have been a little hard-pressed to believe that a girl could pull off Steve Sylvester; the scrumptious Steva La Cinghiala is not only much nicer to look at, than he is, but she has a really strong vocal delivery that’s equal parts, haunting, dramatic and bewitching… she eats up most of these “occult” missuses for breakfast and washes that down with their blood for wine, so to speak… but beside, her obvious charm and performances, what makes Deathless Legacy work pretty well is their riffy songs that are well structured and to the point, always coming with strong hooks and choruses that are hard to resist.
Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine), who joined the band on their sophomore, here exceeds in underscoring the entire album, with really atmospheric keys, without seeking to take over the songs. “Join the Sabbath”, “Witches Brew” and “Lucifer”, among other things, will remind you of some of the best moments of Death SS and similar “occult” bands, only done in a sexier and noir way… quite fatal-e… Really like this! No two ways about it...

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