Bulletboys - From Out of the Skies

Bulletboys From Out of the Skies cover
From Out of the Skies
Frontiers Music Srl
Bulletboys were at best back in the day, a decent entertaining if not a bit hairy 90s band that both debuted and peaked with their eponymous album in the late 80s only to lose a major deal a couple of album and few years later and disintegrate as grunge was taking over. Once they returned, they did what a few bands of the era did and tried to get on with the times alternating their style and keeping a revolving door policy on musicians other than Marq Torien, who’s remained a constant.
The numerous albums released through the years have done nothing other than to keep the band touring and this latest effort, following 2015 “Elefante”, is hardly going to earn them any old fans back, or make any new kids interested in these old dudes, who overstayed their visit at the local tanning salon.
Sounding like a bad amalgam of Bulletboys past their sell by date, with what Kiss attempted to do circa “COS” (and failed miserably at) with a hoarse Torien, who never was an awesome vocalist, but used to be sort of alright.
Opener “Apocalypto” would have been kind of alright, had it not ripped of Vain’s “Beat the Bullet” riff as a main hook.
“D-evil” is a bad alt-pop-punk attempt at a single that’s passable, but tries too hard to be “fashionable”, forgetting who’s the bands “fans” might be. That mustachio’d gun totting poofta from the Eagles of Pop Music is involved in it. Big Effin Deal. Them eagles suck donkey dong.
“From Out of the Skies” is a sort of carefree jam that ends up losing too much steam to have any effect. Too diluted, too poppy.
“Hi-Fi Drive By” is also too loose to make any impression, just a bit more electric.
“Losing End” is… I dunno if it’s exactly a song or random guitars and vocalizing of random lyrics, but it’s kinda better than what precedes it, so I’ll take that.
“Whatcha Don’t” is marginally better and closer to what an 80s band should be doing, but still it’s done in a way, so as to fit with the rest of the material, but it was the first tune I sort of “enjoyed” without really hating some aspect of it, too much. Could have a better hook tho, as it gets boring fast.
“Get Ready” it’s accompanying “feel good” cousin and if we forgive the possible incest, it’s also kinda alright.
“P.R.A.B” is a piece of crap attempt to mix Linking Park beats and a disco feel with whatever BB’s supposed to be about. It sucks!
“Suxer Punch” sucks too, as it’s basically a grunge ballad, with a rap-funk middle” toodle-dee-toodle-doo.
“Switchblade Butterfly” is a dodgy simple as f@ck ballad that doesn’t have any redeeming qualities other than changing the tempo and that’s not saying much.
“Once Upon a Crime” is a sort of smooth power-pop “anthem” that’s sort of OK for a closer.
Overall, an easy album to avoid, even if you’re a fan. Unless you’re a completist, fan club or family member – you could save about an hour of your life without feeling any regret whatsoever. Utterly forgettable.