Vessel Of Light signs to Argonauta Records and announces debut EP due out in November 2017

Vessel Of Light band pic
Argonauta Records is excited to announce they have inked a deal with supergroup Vessel Of Light, formed by Dan Lorenzo (Hades, Non-Fiction, The-Cursed) and Nathan Opposition (Ancient VVisddom).
“For the last decade since I recorded The Cursed CD (with Bobby Blitz from Overkill)”, Lorenzo said, “I haven't really felt the desire to jam music with anybody. I've had offers to join a few bands, but I've always considered myself more of a songwriter than a "real" musician. I never wanted to join somebody else's band. A few months ago that all changed when I heard the songs "The Opposition" and "Deathlike" by the band Ancient VVisddom”.
Nathan Opposition said: “Lorenzo and I became friends due to my inability to not be susceptible to flattery. Turns out he's a really cool guy who writes awesome riffs too. Randomly one day I ask him about the band we are starting in joking fashion. I guess it was the right timing and the right person because we immediately agreed we should actually start a project. Before I knew it he was sending me CDs of riffs and I had lyrics flowing like a faucet”.
The track listing of songs recorded by the duo are:
01. Where My Garden Grows
02. Dead Flesh and Bone
03. Meant to Be
04. Descend Into Death
05. Vessel of Light
06. Living Dead to the World
On the record deal: “Although we conceded to the fact that signing to a label was improbable, I sent music to one of my former record labels and an Italian label I found that I thought was right for us: Argonauta Records. When Gero from Argonauta replied I knew it was the right call. The right label. Somebody who knew and respected my past and Nathan's currency. I am so happy that thanks to Argonauta the world will soon hear the magic Nathan and I have captured with Vessel Of Light”.
Vessel Of Light debut EP will be released on CD/DD and available from November 3rd, 2017. A lyric video will be posted by the end of this month.

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