TNT to release new studio album “XIII” on June 8th 2018

TNT XIII cover
Hard rock and heavy metal lifers will certainly be no strangers to the history and longevity of Norwegian rockers TNT.

The aptly titled “XIII” is the band’s thirteenth studio album to date and it will be released on June 8th, 2018

The album features founding members Ronni Le Tekro (guitar) and Diesel Dahl (drums) alongside with bassist Ove Husemoen, and new vocalist Baol Bardot Bulsara, who has replaced the recently departed Tony Harnell.

Baol is a stunning Spanish vocalist whose debut with the band happened in front of 8000 rabid fans in November 2017 when the band opened for German hard rock legends the Scorpions in Oslo, Norway. Not only did Boal survive this trial by fire, but he did so with flying colors!

TNT fans can expect the melodic rock and excellent playing they’ve grown accustomed to from the band on their latest release, “XIII”.

Listen to the new track “Get Ready for Some Hard Rock” below.

Pre-order “XIII” here.

1. We’re Gonna Make It
2. Not Feeling Anything
3. Fair Warning
4. It’s Electric
5. Where You Belong
6. Can’t Breathe Anymore
7. Get Ready for Some Hard Rock
8. People, Come Together
9. Tears in My Eyes
10. 17th of May
11. Catch a Wave
12. Sunshine

Produced by: Kjartan Hesthagen & Ronni Le Tekro
Recorded by: Kjartan Hesthagen & Ronni Le Tekro
Mixed by: Tommy Hansen & Ronni Le Tekro at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios

Baol Bardot Bulsara – Vocals
Ronni Le Tekro – Guitars
Diesel Dahl - Drums
Ove Husemoen - Bass

Roger Gilton: Keyboards on Track 5 and 11
Bård Svendsen: Backing vocals
Tony Harnell: Backing vocals on Track 6
Tim Scott O’Connell:  Backing vocals on Track 1 and Track 4
Hc Gjestvang: Keyboards on Track 7
Trond Meland: Backing vocals on Track 5
Anette Hofstad: Backing vocals on Track 5
Tom Arne Fossheim: Add Drums And Dubbs on Track 7
TNT Hardrock Choir Featuring Horny By Nature & The Girls on Track 7


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