The Well share new track “Sabbah”

The Well band pic
Austin trio The Well share a new track today from their forthcoming third album “Death and Consolation”.

Listen to the crushing album opener “Sabbah” below.

“Death and Consolation” is without a doubt a weighty album title. And, The Well is among the heaviest heavy psych bands in existence. So when we say that there’s even more darkness and intensity to the band’s third album than previous efforts, take heed. It’s a deep sea diving bell of enveloping heaviness and longing.
“This one is a little more personal”, says guitarist/vocalist Ian Graham. “2018 was a strange, dark year. A lot of change going on in my life, there was a lot of depression and coming out of it over the last year. I wanted to call this "Death and Consolation", because in life that’s a constant”.
While The Well continue to walk an intriguing line between authentic early 70s doom/heavy psych and frayed weirdness of dark folk - especially with their haunting unison male/female vocals - the new album also adds the stark vibe of post-punk acts like Joy Division and early The Cure. “I feel like this album is almost more gothic. We’re big fans of post-punk”, Graham says. There’s also much less jamming, the songs are tight and concise. And, did we mention, heavy? The band tuned down a full step to C-standard tuning for this album, which gives the proceedings its monstrous sound.
Sonically, “Death and Consolation” picks up where The Well - Graham, bassist/vocalist Lisa Alley and drummer Jason Sullivan - left off with their widely heralded 2016 RidingEasy album “Pagan Science”. The band once again recorded with longtime producer/engineer Chico Jones at Estuary Studio in 2018, who has turned the knobs for all three of their albums (Jones engineered the band’s debut album “Samsara” with producer Mark Deutrom [Melvins, Sunn0)))] in 2013). “Samsara”, released late September 2014 was ranked the #1 debut album of 2014 by The Obelisk and Pagan Science among the Best of 2016 from the Doom Charts collective. Likewise, the band’s intense - some even say “possessed” - live performances have earned them featured slots at Austin’s Levitation Fest, as well as tours with Kadavar, All Them Witches, Black Tusk and more.
“This album might be a little less produced, because I didn’t want to push technical stuff as much”, Graham says. “I’m so scared of getting too complicated when getting better at guitar. This is still kind of punk rock”.

“Death and Consolation” will be available on LP, CD and download on April 26th, 2019, via RidingEasy Records.

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01. Sabbah
02. Raven
03. Death Song
04. Cup of Peace
05. Eyes of a God
06. Act II
07. Freedom Above
08. This is How
09. Endless Night

US Tour Dates 2019:
04/12 - Lafayette, LA  @ Freetown Boom Boom Room
04/13 - Cypress Creek, LA @ Fête du Void Festival
04/24 - Dallas, TX @ Club Dada*
04/25 - Austin, TX @ Barracuda*
05/01 - Omaha, NE @ Slowdown*
05/02 - Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive*
05/03 - Phoenix, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room
05/04 - Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp
05/09 - Portland, OR @ High Water Mark
05/10 - Seattle, WA @ Substation
05/12 - Calgary, AB @ Palomino
05/13 - Edmonton, AB @ Temple
05/14 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Windsor
05/18 - Taos, NM @ Monolith on the Mesa Fest
05/19 - El Paso, TX @ Monarch
* (w/ Monolord)