Synaptik to release new studio album “Justify & Reason” on March 10th 2017

Synaptik Justify & Reason cover
British heavy metal five-piece, Synaptik from Norwich, UK recently announced the re-release of their incredibly successful debut album, “The Mechanisms of Consequence” as a heavier remixed album, due out on January 30th.

The Norwich men show no signs of slowing down as they are set to make a huge impact in 2017 by following it up with the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, “Justify & Reason”, on March 10th, 2017.

For US fans, it's a double dose of metal as the remix album and the new album, “Justify & Reason” will be released as a double album directly via Divebomb Records.

The first pre-orders for this collection will be available on February 1st 2017 from the band's website, here.

Synaptik describe “Justify & Reason” as: “A collection exhibiting real finesse, true technicality but not at the expense of neck-snapping riffs and a progressive air that's both bracing and intimidatingly menacing”.

The UK and US version of “Justify & Reason” come with different artworks.

Both UK and US editions have the same track listing. However the US version has the remix album as a bonus disc.

1. The Incredible Machine
2. Human / Inhuman
3. Conscience
4. White Circles
5. Esc Ctrl
6. A Man Dies
7. As I Am As I Was
8. I Am The Ghost (intro)
9. Your Cold Dead Trace

Synaptik has released the first single off of the “Justify & Reason” album. The video for the song “Esc Ctrl” is available below.