Subterranean Masquerade to release new studio album “Vagabond” on September 1st 2017

Subterranean Masquerade Vagabond cover
Formed back in 1997 with an idea to mix progressive rock, doom metal and 70's-inspired psychedelic rock, Subterranean Masquerade (feat. members of Orphaned Land and Green Carnation) creates music with that edge of extreme metal and the loose atmosphere of Pink Floyd and Iron Butterfly.

While admittedly not such a pioneering idea on its own, the vision of freeing metal music from genre boundaries, wrapped by grand production is what often make the band's music sound like a carnival of different colors and scents... a masquerade!

Now, 2017, Subterranean Masquerade has stepped it all up several notches. The new amazing full-length, “Vagabond”, mixed by Christer Andre Cederberg (Anathema, Tristania, Circus Maximus) and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street studio, combines all the aspects that one has come to love and expect from this band, and blends them with multiple new influences. Imagine what would happen should such bands as Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, Opeth, In The Woods, King Crimson, and David Bowie all get together in one room - perhaps this is what it would sound like?

Signed to the Swedish label ViciSolum Productions (Persefone, Loch Vostok, a.o.) for a 2-album deal, “Vagabond” is set for release on September 1st, 2017, and the artwork for the album is just as psychedelic and trend-setting, as the amazing music is.

The artwork for “Vagabond” was created by local artist Ben Danzig and the rest of the booklet has been put together by none other than Travis Smith, widely known for his contribution to the metal-world of art.

1. Place for Fairytales  (6:53)
2. Nomad  (5:56)
3. Ways  (4:41)
4. Carousal  (1:53)
5. Kippur  (6:56)
6. Daled Bavos  (4:41)
7. As You Are  (3:05)
8. Hymn of the Vagabond  (7:35)
9. Space Oddity  (6:15)

Kjetil Nordhus - Vocals
Eliran Weizman - Vocals
Tomer Pink - Guitars
Or Shalev - Guitars
Shai Yallin - Keyboards
Golan Farhi - Bass
Matan Shmuely – Drums