Pirate Copy to release debut full-length album “Swashbuckle & Swagger” on October 26th 2018

Pirate Copy Swashbuckle & Swagger cover
Irrepressible punk rock crew Pirate Copy plot a fresh journey of rambunctious shenanigans, commencing with their new lyric video for the track, “All Drunks on Deck!” (watch it below), which is taken from the band’s forthcoming album, “Swashbuckle & Swagger”, out on Friday 26th October, 2018, via Black Sail Records.

By splicing the dynamism of punk rock to the buccaneering backstory that underpins their Cornish heritage, Pirate Copy have caused a stir across the South West and beyond, leaving a legacy of powerhouse gigs, indomitable fun and unforgettable songs in their wake.

Although based in Cornwall, the band have made regular jaunts across the land, establishing themselves as festival favourites, in part thanks to the interactively inclusive mayhem of their live show. 2013’s “The Shape of Piracy to Come” EP was the band’s first tangible sign of bounteous booty. Further runs of festival appearances and shows followed, including a glut of memorable trips to the capital, before a second EP, the mighty “Goin’ Down a Storm”, dropped in May 2015.

Now, Pirate Copy are ready to unleash their dynamite debut album, “Swashbuckle & Swagger”, which displays a dirty dozen of devastating ditties, marinated in rum and other unmentionable fluids, ready to attack your eardrums.

Vive Le Rock writer, Dick Porter, remarks about the album: “To experience Pirate Copy in full flow, as Poseidon intended, is a joy indeed. "Swashbuckle & Swagger" is a treasure chest of pleasures; combining live floor fillers such as "Somalian Pirates Suck" and legendary set closer "I’m on a Boat" with devilishly crafted new material like "Outlaw Pirates", they have opened a Pandora’s box of piratical punk power”.

1. Legends of the Afterparty (4:04)
2. Reckless Alice (2:28)
3. All Drunks on Deck! (3:27)
4. Dead Man's Dance (4:07)
5. Somalian Pirates Suck (4:40)
6. I Ate My Mate (2:37)
7. Outlaw Pirates (3:05)
8. Water Water Everywhere (4:22)
9. Kicked Out the Pub (3:07)
10. The Crew (2:55)
11. I’m on a Boat (4:56)
12. Punk Rock Pirates (2:58)