N’Tribe to release debut EP “Root ‘n’ Branch” on April 19th 2019

N’Tribe Root ‘n’ Branch Ep cover
Modern classic rock outfit N’Tribe are proud to announce the release date for their first EP “Root ‘n’ Branch”. The EP will be released on April 19th, 2019, via NorthPoint Productions.

Pre-order the EP here.

1. Staring Down the Barrel
2. Down on My Knees
3. What Goes Around Comes Around
4. Paint It Black

Soundbites are available here.

Message from the band: “We’re very proud to be able to announce April 19th as the release date for our first EP – "Root ‘n’ Branch". Hope you’ll enjoy our take on "contemporary classic rock", because if you will – we have a plethora of songs, just waiting for the chance to pound on your eardrums”.

Previously have N’Tribe released their debut single “Staring Down the Barrel”.

The single is availbale on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Message from the band and song preview is available below.

N’Tribe (yes, short for the Nordic Tribe) is a living & kicking example of that: this new band’s been founded in 2018 by three highly esteemed professionals – André Andersen, Jonas Larsen, Henrik Brockmann – initially bonded through their original band Royal Hunt; all participated in numerous bands/projects, all received various accolades from the industry, sold tons of albums and toured the world countless times.

In the Spring of 2018 the label asked the guys to get together and re-record one of the original/unreleased songs from RH’s debut album (for the re-issue of the classic) and they had so much fun doing it that – all of the sudden – the idea of N’Tribe was born.

All of the guys are huge fans of those “70’s Golden Years” yet very well aware of the fact that it’s 2018 outside… so to unite these two things was the main goal from the start.

Their idea behind N’Tribe is relatively simple:
1. Take the vibe of “classic rock” and make it sound contemporary
2. Get the best team around
3. Record the hardest hitting album possible
4. Get behind it 100% and bring the music on the road
5. Repeat p. 3 & 4

With some significant help from their Scandinavian musician-friends (all as competent and dedicated as our trio) the album is about to be recorded, artwork agreed on, music video and a lyric video is under construction, some selected shows for the forthcoming spring/summer is about to get settled, PR/web crew is on fire so what are we waiting for?! Get on board and let’s go!

André Andersen – Bass, keyboards
Henrik Brockmann – Vocals
Jonas Larsen – Guitars